Why should you start vaping?

Starting to vape instead of smoking, is one of your best decission you can make. and you can start today!


Why vaping!

There are many reasons to quit smoking. but quiting with smoking is really difficult. Therefore changing smoking to vaping is allways one of the best solutions. The health benefits are huge*. Did you know, that 24hrs after switching from smoking to vaping already has positive benifets on your body?  At that moment, all the carbon monoxide from your body and your lungs start to the cleaning. After 48 hours, all nicotine is gone from your body. But what about the money you save by stopping and all the fun things you can do with that money? Moreover, you'll never need outside shivering under a shed with a cigarette. For your environment it is nice that you quit smoking. You proberly will like vaping so much, that you will start vaping permantly instead of smoking!

10 reasons to start Vaping*

*Our product is not medicine. but vaping is less harmfull then smoking.

Beter fitness

By smoking you get less oxygen in your blood and you're so tired faster. If you stop smoking, improve your condition almost immediately. Within three days, you notice that you can breathe better and you have more energy. If you run up the stairs, you get less out of breath.

More money

If you are smoking seven cigarettes per day, keep about 60 euros per month if you stop. In half a year you can save 360 euros. In a year 720 euros! and to think that most people don't smoke just 7 cigarettes, but a whole pack a day,  so quit smoking!

having a better sexlive

Research shows that you can get by smoking less desire for sex. And if you fancy, there may be less of ending up: men (young men!) Who smoke are more likely to erection problems.

More taste

Through smoking you smell less. After only a month of not smoking, your taste and smell of better.

beautiful skin

If you stop smoking, the blood circulation improves immediately. This will make you skin less gray and you look healthier and fresher. 
If you continue to smoke, you get faster wrinkles and folds. Your skin begins ten to twenty years earlier age than if you'd quit

white teath

By smoking you get more tartar and touches your gums inflamed faster. You get deposits on your teeth and gums. And you get discolor teeth. Two to six weeks after you stop, your mouth will be much healthier. Your teeth are beautiful and you have less chance that your dentist has to hurt.

fresh breath

If you stop smoking, you have the next day better breath. Also, your clothes will smell less if you stop!

More Fertile

For many smokers who want to become pregnant, it takes longer to succeed. Smoking reduces fertility. Besides you should all quit if you are pregnant, smoking is very bad for an unborn baby. Also smoking men appear to be less fertile. In addition, smoking can give erection problems, making it harder to conceive a child. If you quit smoking, your fertility is mostly back to normal.

Beter humor

Research shows that people who have stopped smoking, feel better than smokers. Enter the vapors so not too soon. But then you probably feel just happier and more stable.

More birthdays

A smoker lives on average ten years less than a non-smoker. That's because a smoker have a lot more chance of cancer and cardiovascular disease. When you stop, the risk of cancer after five years have dropped by half. If you stop, you probably live longer and stay healthier.

Join us, and start VAPING !

Take control over your life, and start today!